Come one, come all! Step right up to another typical blog made through WordPress! My name is Anthony Cosimini and I’ve decided to start this up after finally committing myself to pursuing a career in freelance writing and having no prior experience to show off to anyone. Consider this the first step towards that goal from someone who’s rather late to the party.

Don’t let that fool you though, I haven’t sat around all this time just waiting for the “right opportunity” or anything like that. Like many people these days I’ve spent a good deal of my time trying out different careers and hobbies with the hope of finding the right fit for me but I’ve never quite found my place. Over the last 8 years I’ve been a butcher, a barista, a barman and for the last year I have been a live-at-home carer for someone very dear to me.

I’ve spent a lot of that time mistaking my hobbies for ambitions when they’re simply passions. What I mean by that is that over the years I’ve hyped myself up to try and become a paid member of a wide variety of entertainment fields. If someone asked me “So what do you do?” then depending on what time in my life it was I could have said I was a musician, an indie game designer, an artist, a Youtuber, a Twitch streamer and so on…

None of those would be particularly true. I’ve dabbled in these things, self-studied anything that caught my interest and even been quite good at some of those things but nothing substantial ever came out of it. Each project would be thrown to the side once the passion began to dim and in the end I’d be left carrying on with my day job with nothing to show for the time I spent being “creative.”

The one exception that has always lingered is writing. Writing has been my constant through all my time seeking a calling, I just didn’t accept it right away.

Since I was a child I’ve written stories but was always hesitant to share them. During my halfhearted struggle to develop the next big Indie game, I was writing short tales based in worlds I’d dreamed about the night before, hoping that one could be thrown into the second big Indie game I’d create. My time spent learning to draw was all for a day that I’d be good enough to create my own comic series. I’d draw maps of fictional islands and archive the creatures that resided there. Yet the concept of sharing those archives only felt less terrifying once I finally realized that I wanted to share them with everyone.

Despite being a confident and sociable human being (especially after a few whiskies) I’ve always felt a clear divide between my behavior as a person and my behavior as a writer. I think it’s because the spoken word can be so fickle. You can speak harsh truths in a tone that makes people laugh when you’re not joking. You can tell someone you love them in a way that they think you’re toying with them or act like the best friend of someone you hate. I can say something I regret and it can be forgotten forever in an instant.

Writing isn’t quite as deceptive. You can still write the same lies but whatever you write will not be forgotten so easily by those who read it. Regardless of what you write you will always bring a little more of your true self out into the open and that is where my hesitation to write seems to have stemmed. There are many introverted writers who bring out the very best of their inner selves through their writing. Maybe I was scared that the opposite effect might happen with someone extroverted like myself. Those doubts hindered me from ever considering trying to write for a living, at least until recently.

Over the last year I’ve been part of a community of aspiring writers and artists known as This community has not only given me a positive outlook on my writing but has inspired me to a point that I cannot imagine ever trying to become something other than a writer again. Perhaps you’ll read that and think “Dream on, chump!” but the greatest enemy of a writer is their own self-doubt, not the doubts of others. I’m no longer willing to let myself lose that battle. I’ve began to close the gap between the two sides of myself and accept the writer within me. Hence, the blog before you now.

So what do I intend to write? The short answer: Anything and everything.

I’ll be writing about whatever comes to mind, anything I think might be interesting. I’ll share my thoughts on writing, gaming, general trends and the creative process. Perhaps I’ll throw in a few reviews of TV shows, movies, anime and computer games with the occasional story of my own thrown in for good measure.

There are plenty of people who are much older than me that may have the same lingering hesitation that I’m struggling with when it comes to their true passion in life. If you feel pressured by yourself because you haven’t “achieved” anything yet, don’t be disheartened. That time you think you’ve wasted, that pressure you feel is just the prologue to your own story. It doesn’t matter how far into your life it is, the only thing stopping you from starting Chapter 1 is you.

This is the story where I’ll become a writer. I look forward to hearing yours.




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